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carlijn-van-der-aalstCarlijn Van der Aalst

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In my research, I investigate the impact of screening (lung cancer and cardiovascular disease) on lifestyle (especially smoking behavior). I conducted several sub-studies within the NELSON trial; the Dutch-Belgian randomized controlled lung cancer screening trial (n=15,822), to investigates whether lung cancer screening might be a teachable moment for smoking cessation or a “health certificate” that permits continuing/starting smoking. Thereby, I support the development of MISCAN model for lung cancer screening at our department, due to my expertise on smoking behaviour. I am also affiliated with a new large scale population-based screening trial for cardiovascular diseases (ROBINSCA) amongst 39.000 high-risk volunteers. One of the sub studies will be focused on the psychological mechanism of a teachable moment/health certificate effect.

Key publications

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  • Van der Aalst CM, Van Klaveren RJ, Van den Bergh KAM, Groen HJM, Weenink C, Lammers J-WJ, Willemsen MC, De Koning HJ. Smoking behavioural change in male smokers of a randomized controlled lung cancer screening (NELSON) trial: 4-year follow-up.