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gera-nagelhoutGera Nagelhout

Department of Health Promotion, CAPHRI, Maastricht University

Maastricht University | IVO Addiction Research Institute

Post-doctoral researcher | Research coördinator


The focus of my research is on interventions to stimulate health behavior change among vulnerable populations, such as smokers with a low socioeconomic status. In am involved in the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project or ITC Project, which is a multi-country longitudinal survey that examines the influence of population-level tobacco control interventions. In the CATCH Study we determine with a randomized controlled trial whether financial incentives can stimulate long-term smoking abstinence in a workplace setting. In the smoking cessation 'wijkchallenge' we aim to develop a community-based neighborhood smoking cessation intervention targeted at disadvantaged families and test its effectiveness. Finally, in a project that starts in 2018, we will follow a school-based cohort of adolescents to examine whether use of e-cigarettes is associated with subsequent initiation of tobacco use.

Key publications

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  • Nagelhout, G. E., Osman, A., Yong, H.-H., Huang, L.-L., Borland, R., & Thrasher, J. F. (2015). Was the media campaign that supported Australia’s new pictorial cigarette warning labels and plain packaging policy associated with more attention to and talking about warning labels? Addictive Behaviors, 49, 64-67.
  • Nagelhout, G. E., Hummel, K., Willemsen, M. C., Siahpush, M., Kunst, A. E., De Vries, H., Fong, G. T., & Van den Putte, B. (2014). Are there income differences in the impact of a national reimbursement policy for smoking cessation treatment and accompanying media attention? Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Netherlands Survey. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 140, 183-190.
  • Nagelhout, G. E., De Korte-de Boer, D., Kunst, A. E., Van der Meer, R. M., De Vries, H., Van Gelder, B. M., & Willemsen, M. C. (2012). Trends in socioeconomic inequalities in smoking prevalence, consumption, initiation, and cessation between 2001 and 2008 in the Netherlands. Findings from a national population survey. BMC Public Health, 12, 303.
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