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jizzo-bosdrieszJizzo Bosdriesz

PhD student

Department of Public Health, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam


(+31) 020 – 566 1562






The general objective of my PhD thesis is to assess, through the evaluation of “natural policy experiments”, which types of tobacco control policies have increased smoking cessation rates in general, and in particular those of lower socio-economic status groups. To do this, I will:
  • Describe recent developments in tobacco control policies for about 20 European countries and identify cases of rapid change (‘natural policy experiments’);
  • Describe international differences and developments in smoking cessation rates and identify underlying determinants
Evaluate the ‘natural policy experiments’ and identify the tobacco control measures that are associated with increases in smoking cessation rates, especially among low socio-economic status groups.

Key publications

  • Bosdriesz JR, Lichthart N, Witvliet MI, Busschers WB, Stronks K, Kunst AE. Smoking prevalence among migrants in the US compared to the US-born and the population in countries of origin. PLoS One 2013;8(3):e58654.
  • Bosdriesz JR, Mehmedovic S, Witvliet MI, Kunst AE. Socioeconomic inequalities in smoking in low and mid income countries: positive gradients among women? International Journal for Equity in Health 2014, 13:14.
  • Bosdriesz JR, Willemsen MC, Stronks K, Kunst AE. Tobacco control policy development in the European Union: do political factors matter? European Journal of Public Health, 2014 Dec 16 (Epub ahead of print).
  • Bosdriesz JR, Nagelhout GE, Stronks K, Willemsen MC, Kunst AE. The association between tobacco control policy and educational inequalities in smoking cessation in the Netherlands from 1988 through 2011. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 2015 Jan 12 (Epub ahead of print).