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mirte-kuipersMirte Kuipers

PhD candidate

Academisch Medisch Centrum








In my PhD project I focus on the impact of tobacco control policies on socioeconomic inequalities in adolescent smoking in Europe. Smoking uptake typically occurs in adolescence, and the prevention of smoking in young people is therefore key to realising a smoke-free future. The importance of national and local policies have been demonstrated for some groups, but the impact on adolescent smoking in different socioeconomic strata has been studied far less extensively. I use several sources of large, mostly international, databases and innovative methods to study the complexity of real world policy experiments. Part of the utilised data is collected by the SILNE project partners in 50 secondary schools in 6 countries. I plan to defend my thesis in June 2016.

Key publications

  • Kuipers MAG, de Korte R, Soto VE, Richter M, Moor I, Rimpelä AH, Perelman J, Federico B, Kunst AE, Lorant V. School smoking policies and educational inequalities in smoking behaviour of adolescents aged 14-17 years in Europe. JECH, 2015.
  • Kuipers MAG, Monshouwer K, van Laar M, Kunst AE. Tobacco Control and Socioeconomic Inequalities in Adolescent Smoking in Europe. Am J Prev Med, 2015.
  • Benson FE, Kuipers MAG, Nierkens V, Bruggink JW, Stronks K, Kunst AE. Socioeconomic inequalities in smoking in The Netherlands before and during the Global Financial Crisis: a repeated cross-sectional study. BMC Public Health, 2015.
  • Kuipers MAG, Nagelhout GE, Willemsen MC, Kunst AE. Widening educational inequalities in adolescent smoking following national tobacco control policies in the Netherlands in 2003: a time-series analysis. Addiction, 2014.
  • Kuipers MAG, Wingen M, Stronks K, Kunst AE. Smoking initiation, continuation and prevalence in deprived urban areas compared to non-deprived urban areas in The Netherlands. Soc Sci Med, 2013.